The fast pace of the education system in the UK leads to constant changes in policies and practices in schools. With so many crucial tasks to fulfil on a day to day basis it's easy to see why jobs such as organising the planner order for the coming year might be dealt with relatively late in the year, leaving little time to consider how the effect of changes to home learning over the past couple of years might be better reflected and addressed.

Each year more and more schools turn to us to assist them in adapting their homework planners to better suit their current procedures and structure. In doing so they make them more useful, user friendly and maximise their benefit to staff and students on a daily basis.

Our team have been producing planners for over 20 years so have a wealth of experience not only manufacturing planners, but adapting and designing them in such a way that means they are cost effective whilst fulfilling their role in school life. Combining our expertise with your understanding of your school we can work together to produce a planner that meets the needs of your students, staff and parents; whether that involves supporting your online homework solution, accommodating your project based homework, backing up your school's major teaching and learning initiative or anything else.

If you would like to discuss how we could work with you to update your planner in time for this summer please get in touch on 0121 454 9441 or email nigel@