Staff Planners for Primary & Secondary Schools & Academies

Scroll down this page for details of our staff planners, for further information, samples and prices, please don't hesitate to get in touch!  Please remember that as we produce planners to order, they can be customised to suit your exact requirements.

Our Service

As with out homework planners, our staff planner service is completely flexible.  We design and produce the staff diaries and planners to order, so can customise every aspect to address the needs and concerns of each individual school.  We understand that every school is different and have tailored our service to address the issues that staff who co-ordinate the planners face with features such as:

  • Realistic copy deadlines - we know that you have to wait for other members of staff, and for policies and events to be confirmed, so we plan your deadlines with this in mind.
  • A flexible and personal service - we don't use online systems to create your planners, we employ humans to do the job, affording a far greater degree of support and flexibility. 
  • Complete customisation - every school and academy requires something different from their planner, so we tailor every aspect of the planner to your specific needs. 
  • Simple to switch - we won't ask you to recreate your planner content from scratch, we will work with whatever you have.

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Your Covers

Bespoke covers are a standard feature of our planners, our team of graphic designers will produce a cover to your specification with the minimum of fuss.  Supply your own images and ideas, ask us to match the design to that of your prospectus, or simply ask for some suggestions and we will gladly oblige.

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Your Custom Pages

Unlimited in terms of number and combinations of mono, coloured paper and coloured print, your custom pages are truly that - yours!   Include the important and useful information such as policies, staff lists and template documents that both teaching and non-teaching refer to regularly, and that help to make your planner the valuable tool that it is.  Colour code sections to make them easy to find, or add colour printed pages to highlight important content such as uniform or targets.

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Your Planner Pages

One of the most notable features of our staff planners are the planner pages themselves, as in addition to our standard layouts (which are fully dated), we can produce bespoke layouts to your exact requirements.  Adapting the page layout can have significant benefits such as helping to ensure conformance with planning polices and simply making life easy for staff.

As well as customising the fully dated planners, we can also incorporate your important dates and information, such as term dates, dates of staff training and departmental meetings.   Many schools also take advantage of the ability to include your weeks A/B or 1/2 on the diary pages too!


Your Sizes & Binding

Standard sizes offered are A4, A5 and B5 (roughly half way between the two), but bespoke sizes are also possible if required.  A combination of sizes is fine and as we don't sell them by the pack or box, you can order the exact quantity required of each version. 

The vast majority of staff planners are either metal wire-o or plastic spiral bound or are loose leaf ring binder inserts (we can supply the binders too, if required), but if you have specific requirements please let us know, as we can tailor the product to suit.

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Your Marking & Attendance Pages

The design and quantity of the attendance and marking sections can also be customised, for instance you can include pre-defined marking headings, or details of your marking policy if required.  Indeed, if your marking is all done online, you can leave the pages out altogether, meaning you only pay for content that is useful to staff.

Your Optional Extras

To further enhance the usefulness of your homework planners, we offer a range of optional extras.  Our range of stock extras is listed below, but if you have a requirement for something different please do get in touch, we love to say YES! 


Plastic Document Pocket

Hugely versatile, the PVC pockets (available at A4 and A5) which are bound into the planners help staff to keep all of their additional documents and resources with their planner.  Staff in some schools find them so useful they include two or three pockets to accommodate all of their resources, once you have included them in your planner you will wonder how you ever managed without! 

dry wipe.jpg

Dry-Wipe Covers

Ideal for rough work, voting and jotting, we apply a tough gloss laminate to the printed cover, giving a robust dry-wipe surface.



It isn't unusual for a customer to make a request for something different or unusual in their planner, which they feel would improve add value, and wherever possible we will gladly oblige.  Examples include perforated pages, ribbon page markers, plastic book jackets and hard covers.  If you have an idea for something different that you would like to include in your planner, please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss it further.

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