Bespoke Reading Record Books

Reading at home has a hugely beneficial effect on children’s progress but establishing and maintaining a routine which is adhered to can be challenging for all parts of the school community. Many primary schools record reading in one book, spellings in another, homework on separate sheets of paper and offer school information and resources in yet more documents.

By combining all of these resources in one robust and useful book staff, pupils and parents are able to keep track of work and progress efficiently and effectively. Our log books and planners are completely customisable, from the school specific content at the front, through the weekly page layouts which can be tailored to your needs and the reference materials at the back which save time in class and support parents at home.


Bespoke primary school reading record

By introducing bespoke log books, which have been tailored to work with their own policies and focus points, many primary schools are finding that not only is life made easier for staff, but for families too. Parents and teachers have just one place in which to check for and record all elements of home learning, with sections of the weekly planner pages dedicated to important focus areas, such as reading, spelling or extension tasks. Pupils can become more independent and responsible as they know to record their work and check their planner each night.


The value of the books can be increased further still by enhancing sections other than the planner pages, doing so also increases the frequency of use, familiarity and reliance upon the planners, ensuring they become part of everyone’s routine. For example parents use them as a one-stop shop for school contact information, policies and term dates in the school specific pages, children look after their planners even better if they include their merit record and teachers love the time savings offered by including important reference information such as number squares, spelling lists and maps, reducing the need to reproduce and distribute this content in class. In addition everyone loves the plastic pockets which make saving and transferring documents between home and school less of a hit and miss affair!


Check out the gallery of design ideas below, or complete the enquiry form to receive samples of other schools’ planners as well as our free information pack. Alternatively, if you would like to chat about your needs and ideas please get in touch on 0121 454 9441.

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