Home-School Planners for Primary Schools

Scroll down this page for details of our fantastic Build-a-Planner product, designed to fit with the Foundation, KS1 and KS2 curriculum in your infant, junior or primary school, for further information, samples and prices, please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

Our Service

Many of our primary school customers are surprised when they discover that it is possible for them to have a fully customised planner tailored to the needs of their staff and students.  Over the past 20 years we have produced millions of planners for schools across the country, so understand and empathise with the challenges that staff face when considering the planners and have designed our systems to fit around them.  We offer:

  • Realistic copy deadlines - we know that you have to wait for other members of staff, and for policies and events to be confirmed, so we plan your deadlines with this in mind.
  • A flexible and personal service - we don't use online systems to create your planners, we employ humans to do the job, affording a far greater degree of support and flexibility. 
  • Complete customisation - every primary school requires something different from their planner, so we tailor every aspect of the book to your specific needs. 
  • Simple to switch - we won't ask you to recreate your diary content from scratch, we will work with whatever you have.

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Component A -  Your Covers

We understand that the last thing most teachers and support staff want to do is design a cover, which is why we ask you to choose from our selection of lovely full colour cover templates, which we can customise with your school logo and details.  Alternatively if you are feeling particularly creative you can specify your own design, which our graphics team will create for you.

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Component B - Your Custom Pages

This is your opportunity to include details of all of the useful information and policies that you want to share with children and parents, such as important dates, uniform policy, contact details and homework policies.  Many schools also use this section to incorporate other documents such  as reward charts, targets and reading records - keeping all of the information in one place and making the planners even more valuable to the children.

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Component C - Your Build-a-Planner Diary Pages

The Build-a-Planner concept stemmed from our customers' desire to adapt the weekly page layout to suit their own needs and requirements, and our desire to make the process as flexible and straight forward as possible for them.

We have divided each weekly double page spread into four sections, into which you can include different pre-designed component blocks.  The left hand page usually includes the weekly diary/planner, whist the right hand page usually includes additional useful content such as reading log, home/school communications, commendations chart, reminders, targets and 'words I need to learn' to name a few.

Of course, if you require a layout which isn't included in our standard samples, you only need ask, and we will gladly design a new component for you.

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Component D - Your Reference Pages

We have created an extensive library of useful reference pages which schools include to ensure children have useful information at their fingertips.  Pages such as literacy skills, numeracy skills, maps of the UK, Europe and the World, as well as basic science, geography and history pages.  In addition to curriculum based content we include pages which discuss personal safety and healthy living.

It is up to each school which pages they think appropriate for their pupils, and you can include as many, or as few and you think appropriate. 

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Your Binding

Most primary customers opt for a plastic spiral bound A5 size diary, which features tough plastic outer covers and is robust enough for most KS1/KS2 groups, however we do also offer metal coil-locked spiral binding (as offered to our secondary schools) as an option should you feel it necessary.

Your Optional Extras

To further enhance the usefulness of your planners, we offer a range of handy optional extras.  Our range of stock extras is listed below, but if you have a requirement for something different please do get in touch, we love to say YES! 


RAG 'Traffic Light' Cards

The traffic light system is hugely popular with schools up and down the country, our standard cards include simple instructions as to the purpose of each card.  Should you prefer plain coloured cards we are happy to offer them as an alternative.


Plastic Document Pocket

Hugely versatile, the PVC pockets which are bound into the diary help to ensure worksheets, letters and report cards are kept safe, and give parents a place to check for correspondence that has been sent home.  Once you have included them in your planner you will wonder how you ever managed without! 

dry wipe.jpg

Dry-Wipe Covers

Ideal for rough work, voting and jotting, we apply a tough gloss laminate to the printed cover, giving a robust dry-wipe surface.


Ruler Bookmark

One way to encourage students to turn up to class correctly equipped is to make their equipment even more useful.  Our ruler bookmarks clip into the binding of the planner, providing a handy page marker and a transparent 21cm/8" ruler.



It isn't unusual for a customer to make a request for something different or unusual in their planner, which they feel would improve add value to their planner, and wherever possible we will gladly oblige.  Examples include perforated pages (for absence or detention slips), ribbon page markers, plastic book jackets and hard covers.  If you have an idea for something different that you would like to include in your planner, please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss it further.

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